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50M wind blade trailer

RuiQianHe 50m Extendable Trailer is used for transportation of Wind Turbine Blade with lengths up to 60m. The 50m extendable trailer is available in 3boom extension configurations. All our extendable trailers have the option of using the Air suspension system (for sensitive cargo like wind turbine blades) or Hydraulic suspension system (for heavier payload cargo like Wind Turbine Blade mold transportation). RuiQianHe has exported over 100+ 50m extendable trailers to India, countries in South America and East Europe (EU Certified). With considerable experience in the manufacture of Wind Blade Transportation Systems, our trailers offer high durability with specifications similar to Goldhofer, Nooteboom and Scheureule but with a better economic proposition. 

  • Air Suspension System
  • Adjustable 3 Stage Extension
  • 50m Length (extended)
  • 18m Length (Closed)
  • Deadweight less than 19MT
  • Durable components used
  • WABCO ABS, BPW Axle options available 



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