Goldhofer Compatible SPMT

Goldhofer Compatible SPMT


SPMT Goldhofer

Specifications (6 Axle, 2 Driven SPMT)

Our SPMT lines can be electronically programmed to work in conjunction with current generation GOLDHOFER SPMT trailers. 

(NOTE:- Specifications vary based on the Axle, PPU chosen)

* Payload                                         220MT

* Dead weight                                  28MT

* Axle Payload                                 45MT/line

* Tire specs                                      75-R17.5

* Max Gradient                                  8%

*  Platform stroke                             1000mm to 1300mm

* Platform width                               3000mm

* Platform length                              9600 mm



We offer a wide range of PPU solutions to our customers, proven to work in conjunction with Scheuruele and Goldhofer Model PPU's 

SPMT power pack specifications,

PPU Dimensions  4200X2430X1100 mm
PPU Lift angle 11 degrees
PPU Dead weight ?kg? 7500 kg
Engine type TCD2015
Engine Power 330KW/2100rpm
Engine fuel consumption 40 liters/hour
Engine noise 85 db
Emissions standards Euro III
Fuel tank 400 liters
Hydraulic oil tank 800 liters
Drive system maximum working pressure 350 bar
Steering system maximum working pressure 300 bar
Electrical System 24 V

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